The TIGHE production team has produced programs of all sizes in all disciplines. It doesn’t matter whether the project is a few hundred pages or 15,000 pages in a single file release, the TIGHE production team will shepherd your project through on time and on budget with a firm commitment to quality. Efficient, accurate workflows are our trademark.

Production Services

TIGHE’s production team is adept at working with the array of electronic formats and applications required in an evolving publishing environment. Our staff can manage multiple shifts simultaneously. We have the facility and flexibility to put emerging technologies to the best use for our clients. Our production managers carefully monitor workflows and progress to meet the challenges of today’s tight schedules.

Our production team prides itself on its reputation for problem solving. Team members work proactively with our clients to ensure that schedules are met, budgets are adhered to, workflow is managed, and effective communication is maintained.

TIGHE’s production services include

  • Project management
  • K4 and WoodWing client server workflows
  • Prototyping
  • Template development
  • Page production
  • Packaging
  • File management and PDF automation
  • Quality control
  • Liaison with offshore vendors